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W2/Hybrid: Applying as a filmmaker

Updated: May 20

When reporting my wages do I separate jobs by production company or just the umbrella payroll company that several production companies happen to use?

  • Payroll company. For example, if you had three different jobs but they all were paid out through Entertainment Partners, think of Entertainment Partners as your employer, not the specific production

Do I report wages as gross or net?

  • Gross only. Do not include kit rentals or mileage.

I have both W2 and 1099 - should I apply?

  • Yes. Apply with your W2 income and all 1099 income that you believe you were misclassified. Any 1099 where you are NOT misclassified will not contribute to your UI benefit. If you report 1099's that you don't plan to misclassify (which you can), you will just be spending your time inputting that into the application when UI will look at it as wages that don't contribute to your benefit.

Who should I put down as my supervisor? Employer? Employer number? Address?

  • Supervisor - Department head

  • Employer - Payroll company

  • Employer number - Payroll number

  • Employer address - Payroll address

If I have out of state wages, what do I do?

  • Double check your pay stubs to make sure you did in fact work out of state. If you are paying CA taxes, that is considered CA income

  • You need to fax your application in, but it has been recommended to call during the pandemic since they are not getting to faxed applicants

How do we get an accurate average hours worked per week?

  • Do your best to fill it out as accurately as possible

When filing, it's asking me to submit the dates I worked for various employers. Is it absolutely necessary to get those dates accurate?

  • Again, do your best in filling it out as accurately as possible. The max number of employers you can report is 8. Report as much as you can.

Highest quarterly earnings

  • Understanding how they base it on here

  • Calculating your benefit here

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