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How to Set Up Auto-Transfer from Bank of America with Notifications

Updated: Aug 18

Here is a way to set up your EDD card so you don't have to keep on signing in. It's just two steps:

1. Set up auto transfer

Scroll down and go to Recurring Transfer and Transfer-To Accounts

Recurring Transfer

For Amount: You can choose “Full Deposit” for the full amount to be transferred or you can specify.

For When: Change to "After Each Deposit”

This makes it so every time money is deposited into the account from EDD, it will initiate a transfer.

Transfer-To Accounts

Connect it to your bank of choice by adding the corresponding account and routing number.

When EDD deposits the money into the debit card, it will automatically be transferred to a bank account of your choice.

2. Set up text alerts

  • Go to "My Settings" and click "Alerts"

  • Add your phone number or e-mail address -- whatever you prefer for notifications.

  • Check off "Value Load" - you'll get a notification for when money gets deposited

  • Check off "Funds Transfer Requested" - and you'll get a notification when money gets transferred

That’s it!! Now you don’t have to constantly sign in and monitor your account for when EDD is extra slow in processing your funds.

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