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Updated: Jul 31

Due to the pandemic, you do not have to apply to CalJOBS at this time.

CalJOBS is an online resource to help job seekers and employers navigate the state’s workforce services. Before the pandemic it was a requirement to have a resume uploaded to CalJOBS to ensure you were meeting the eligibility requirements of searching for work and being readily available to take full time work.

More information about CalJOBS here.

Benefits & Features of CalJOBS for employees

  • Find education and training programs.

  • Customize and conduct job searches.

  • Create different résumés and cover letters for specific jobs or career paths.

  • Make certain résumés viewable to specific employers.

  • Research employers and learn about the job market.

  • Set up alerts for job openings. View The Virtual Recruiter for Individuals (Video) to learn more.

  • Apply for job openings.

  • Find information about Unemployment Insurance (UI) and other services.

  • Download the mobile app using Google Play or the App Store.

For more information, view CalJOBS for Job Seekers (DE 2456) (PDF).

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