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How to close my claim?

Updated: Jul 17

  1. Stop certifying - this is the simplest and easiest way to close your claim. After not certifying for a few weeks it will close on it's on.

  2. When certifying, there is a checkbox that asks you if you have found full time work and no longer need benefits

If you feel that it is possible for you to be unemployed again, you can continue to certify. If you are still working, report your wages and EDD will determine if you qualify for a portion of your benefit or if you are making excessive earnings.

If your claim closes, you can still reopen it. The claim will end with one of two ways:

  1. You run out of money or

  2. Your benefit year ends

  • Also note that if you exhaust your claim (run out of money) you could potentially qualify for the PEUC, an extension of an additional 13 weeks. See more here.

I heard that you could stop certifying and it would close, but EDD had automatically paid me when I worked, what do I do?

  • Note: auto certifying stopped May 9, 2020, so there is no longer a worry being paid out automatically while you’re working, but if you did work see more info here on how to resolve.

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