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Contacting Government Officials

Updated: Aug 11

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You can’t get through on the EDD phone lines, any of them, the calls backs aren’t happening as promised, and the in-mail messages to the EDD go unanswered. Some applicants have success with assistance from their government officials. Below are links to help you find your representative so you can contact them for help with your particular issue. Speaking from personal experience, this worked for me. I was able to locate my State Assembly Member (specific to my address), contact her office and within a few days one of her staff members reached out to me to offer assistance with my claim.

Senate (Federal)

State Representative

  1. Click the link below and enter your address to find your local representatives

  2. http://findyourrep.legislature.ca.gov

  3. Click your state assembly rep.

  4. Click the "contact (rep name)" button

  5. Fill out the contact form. Under "select an issue" select "assistance required w/ EDD" (if you have that option)

  6. Make sure you include your EDD Acct #!!!

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