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EDD Account # MIA

Updated: Jul 17

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Top recommended tip from members:

You’ve been approved for benefits but you are still waiting on your EDD account number, which gains you access to the UI online portal to check benefit awards and certify online. Instead of waiting on the mail, this tip has proven to work: Login to your EDD account and register for SDI online (don't apply - just register!).  Enter all your personal info. On the last page it gives you your account #. Now use your account # and log back in to EDD online. You will now be able to check your account info and certify for your benefits online.

EDD recommended ways to get EDD Customer Account Number (EDDCAN)

  • EDD is auto completing registration, so EDDCAN won't be required for most claimants to log-in

  • Use AskEDD to request EDDCAN. You should get your EDDCAN within 5 days.

  • Call 1-833-978-2511 or 800-815-9387

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