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Should I just give up? :(

NO! If you have been unemployed due to COVID-19 and forced to not work due to the stay-at-home order, that is NOT FAIR that you also have no income because you are abiding by the mandate in order to keep everyone else safe.

I don't know who coded the EDD website or who wrote up the applications. The website is not user-friendly and the applications are so convoluted. You have to stop and analyze each word to make sure you understand what they're asking you to answer, and how to answer it. Almost as if it was written to be PURPOSEFULLY confusing!

SO MANY people are giving up. AND THAT MAKES SENSE. Who wants to spend all day calling 300+ times??! Who wants to see their savings drain with NO ONE to help them when they've abided by the law to NOT WORK? How is that even remotely FAIR?! It's not.

Don't let them get to you. Don't give up. That money should be yours if you were in fact unemployed due to COVID-19 and forced to NOT work. That is not your fault. They passed the CARES Act so that people who are following the rules by staying at home can do so without the economic burden. That money is rightly yours.

This article was to let you know that you are NOT ALONE. I know that doesn't help boost your bank account in any way -- but hoping there is some solace knowing that we are all trying to get through these hard times together. <3

Written by: Erica Chan & Andrew Parrotte

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