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Identity Verification

Updated: Jun 24

Acceptable documents for Identity Verification here.

Unfortunately, the people in this group are suffering the most. SO many messages from people just waiting for their identities to be verified. At this time there is no additional information. It's been said that it takes up to 4-5 weeks AFTER they've received your identity verification to process. (To be honest, we've also seen up to 8 weeks)

Identity verification could be caused by incorrect social security, incorrect birthdate, incorrect spelling from your employer, etc

Member experience: When I was finally able to get through on the phones a few days ago to resolve the incorrect SS# (system glitch?) on my original claim filed in early April, the representative was able to put that claim back in motion (again, 10 days for the letter, etc.) but because I still have an out of state drivers license (I've lived here three years), she directed me not to wait and to go ahead and make a photo copy of my drivers license, and proof of residence/address (most usually a copy of a utility bill, in my case I sent in a copy of a bank statement, AND my stimulus check—not on their list, but it seemed like a good idea), to write my name and social on all the pieces and include a letter explaining and asking them to "please process the documents." She stressed to send it regular mail, not express, or any other kind of delivery, just regular mail, to: EDD, P.O.Box 2530, Rancho Cordova, CA 95741. I'm not sure if that would be the address for everyone? If it matters, I'm in LA County, in Glendale.

Poll for Identity Verification here

If anyone reading this has success stories or tips - please contact us and share insights to potentially help others.

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