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11/12 News & Updates

Appeals, identity verification, stuck claims, etc

Personal Update! EDD News below :)

After many, many months in donating my time to the Facebook page and creating this website to help others since March, a consulting firm reached out to me to become an unemployment consultant. 

What this means for you is that I am no longer limited in assisting people. I can be your representative for appeals, stuck claims, ID issues, etc. Before, I would only point people to the right direction the best I can with my articles and advice. This way I can absolutely make sure your claim goes through, your stuck claims are up to date, or your appeals are handled.

Being a consultant does not prevent me in any way to continue being available for any questions. I know unemployment is confusing! I will still be here to help with other questions via the Forum and Facebook page and to continue to update you with new information. :)

Since I rarely do personal updates, I'm just going to go ahead and insert myself here that I started a YouTube channel for my art, haha. I hope it's enjoyable for you :D

EDD news releases

EDD news releases does not have much relevant news so I did not send a newsletter update last week. Here are the bullet points:

EDD News for 11/5:

  • EDD's progress with processing claims here

  • Updated video of how to apply here

  • EDD's top FAQ's here

  • EDD flowchart and breakdown of unemployment programs here

EDD News for 11/12:

How to reopen your claim:

If it's been within 120 days:

  • Continue certifying on your already established claim

  • Select the appropriate week in which you had your hours reduced

  • Provide eligibility info as required

  • No need to provide information for the weeks you did full time work -- only give information for the weeks where you lost work and are seeking financial help of benefits

If it's been beyond 120 days:

  • Click the "ReOpen Claim" button and provide latest employment information EDD is asking for

If your claim is over a year old:

  • Open a new claim. Apply here

Additional Tools & Resources

Tools & Calculators

FAQcaui recently launched tools and calculators to figure out those really confusing questions:

  • Do I qualify for FED-ED?

  • How much will I get if I work?

  • What is my standard base period?

  • Do I qualify for LWA?

  • Am I eligible for UI?

Preview tools here.


FAQcaui recently partnered up with Riveter. Join for free and access dozens of discounts to services, all custom negotiated to support unemployed Americans or use code FAQCAUI for additional offers.


If you feel this was helpful to you please consider donatingA lot of love and labor was put into creating this website for you. ♥️ Erica

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