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7/23 EDD News Release

Summary of EDD news release below

ABC interviewing EDD here

Additional $600

  • Additional $600 is still expected to end July 25 and will not extend unless the federal government takes action (HEROES Act)

  • If you have pending weeks PRIOR to July 25 -- you are still eligible for the extra $600 (assuming you qualify for those weeks able and avail to work, not refusing work, etc)

Any certification after 7/25, assuming the federal government does not extend the $600, everyone will be only receiving the amount that is listed on their main page -- the weekly benefit amount ONLY.

Those on regular UI - these are all the programs you can qualify for:

  • Regular UI - 26 weeks

  • PEUC - 13 weeks

  • FED-ED - 20 weeks

Eligibility for FED-ED is different -- read up about it here. All programs are supposedly automatic

Those on PUA - these are all the programs you can qualify for

  • PUA - 39 weeks

  • FED-ED - additional 7 weeks

Parents of school closures & eligibility

Working parents/guardians may be eligible if child's school is shut down or offering distance learning only and parents have to miss work to care for their child

If a parent quits, EDD is required to determine if it was "good cause" before determining eligibility

  • You must remain able and available to work in order to be eligible (this is referring to how you answer your certification questions)

  • Individuals could qualify for benefits if there are no other options for child care available

If an employer allowed a parent to work less than full time, you could be considered eligible for reduced unemployment amount

  • You have to meet all eligibility requirements (able and avail to work, not refusing work, etc)

  • See here to compute how much you could get for working again

  • See here for how to answer certification weeks and what "eligibility" means

If you are not eligibility for regular UI benefits and have primary caregiving responsibilities, you can apply to PUA benefits (same application as regular UI). My advice - just apply and EDD will determine if you are eligible.

Other things:

  • EDD has text message alerts to inform you if you have a PEUC or FED-ED filed on their behalf as well as if they need to verify your identity

  • PUA are doing re-computations and supposedly some claims take more time because they are more complex

Top FAQs of the week -- supposedly they update this regularly


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