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White House Press Conference Quick Summary

Updated: Aug 10

Four executive orders were signed today:

  1. $400/week unemployment

  2. Moratorium on evictions

  3. Student Loan Relief

  4. Defer payroll tax payments from August 1 - this tax funds Social Security and Medicare benefits

Can Trump bypass the Congress?

  • By the Constitution, Trump does not have the legal authority to issue executive orders to determine how federal money is spent. So we'll see what happens.

When will this be implemented?

  • Trump says it will be "rapidly distributed" -- but as we know EDD has not been fast acting.

  • He also mentioned the possibility of Congress negotiating, which means the $400 is not guaranteed

Will I get backpay/retro pay?

  • Details are unknown. This will be updated if that changes.

Additional Articles Regarding Executive Orders

There's little detail as of now, but you can watch the full press conference here. I will update if there is more details or news.


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