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Previous Claim Information Showing

Updated: May 20

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You’ve applied for a new claim, but when you check your UI online or UI mobile you are seeing information from an old claim. If you are checking in on a PUA claim, you may be seeing $0.00 from when you were rejected from your original UI claim. Seeing previous claim information on the UI portal is frustrating and could result from:

  1. Your new claim has not yet been processed by the EDD. Average processing can take anywhere from 2-3 weeks. And we are hearing that they are very backlogged due to Covid-19.

  2. There is a glitch in the system, where the UI portal is not mirroring the awards benefits that you have received in the mail, meaning the UI portal is not in sync. Give it several days (or at least 2-3 weeks from when you filed), for UI online to sync to with what you were mailed. If you are still not seeing an update online after a couple of days, then call to speak to a claims specialist or send a message via your UI online account.

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