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Reduced hours, but have excessive earnings?

Updated: May 23

Unfortunately, regular UI is not made to make up for your entire earnings on the regular. It has a maximum amount that it can provide to you each week. That maximum is $450/week (plus the $600 from CARES). DESPITE how many hours you work, if you are earning more than $600/week with the weekly benefit of $450 you will be considered having excessive earnings no matter what.

Based off the EDD website, if you:

  • Have wage loss for at least eight consecutive days because you are unable to perform your regular or customary work

  • Are placed in a position that pays less than your regular position

You may be eligible for reduced or full DISABILITY INSURANCE (DI) or PAID FAMILY LEAVE (PFL) benefits.

You can file online here or use these links:

How to File a DI Claim by Mail

How to File a PFL Claim by mail

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