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The Lost Wage Assistance calculator is free to use.


As much as I want to help continue to give freely, it's not exactly the most feasible. As the creator of this website and a fellow unemployed person, I am looking for ways to work without the risk of contracting the virus. I coded and created these tools to help ease the confusion of the math behind all the EDD calculations. 

To use all Tools & Calculators, it is a one time purchase of $12 for a whole year, which is equivalent to only a dollar a month. By purchasing additional tools, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions, which includes no refunds. 

If you prefer not to use the tools, it is possible to manually calculate. The math and explanations are explicitly laid out throughout the website as well as on EDD's website.


Future tools to look out for: ​

  • What happens if I backdate? Comparing base periods

  • How many weeks of UI do I have left?

  • How is PUA broken down?

  • New Calculator: if a new stimulus is passed // The max you make before you are not qualified

More information here

More information here to manually calculate


More information here to manually calculate FED-ED eligibility

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More information here to manually calculate UI eligibility


More information here to manually calculate

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